About Us

The Doncaster Church of Christ (DCC) is a Christian community of around 300-400 people in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria. We are a diverse group with people of many backgrounds and interests. All age groups are represented and catered for and we are a very open, tolerant and accepting church. Love, grace and care for the individual are high values at DCC. While maintaining a core biblical, Jesus centred focus we are a church willing to explore and sit with the questions, in order to deepen our understanding and experience of the Christian faith.

We actively participate in the wider ministry of Churches of Christ and strongly support the collective ideals expressed by our movement. We are also keen to interact and cooperate with people from different faith traditions - especially those from our fellow Manningham churches, in an effort to celebrate our oneness as the 'Body of Christ’.

Our church is governed by a Council of Elders who are elected by the church members and the church is financed primarily through contributions from members.

Whilst we are an extremely close community who love and support each other, we believe in the need to think beyond ourselves and to always be looking for better ways to engage with the rapidly changing society around us.

Our Commitment To Safety