Director: Glenys McIntyre


This group meets at 1:30pm on the first Thursday of the month and is attended by those in their post retired years. Everyone is welcome to come and spend time with us. Our program includes musical entertainment, an activity or a wide variety of speakers, followed by afternoon tea and fellowship.

Activities are diverse: musical items, missionaries, chocolatier, DCC ministry team, guides to finance and practical aids for the aging. A highlight is our Christmas lunch in December.

Friends 2018 Program


Fun and Fitness

Director: Lois Smith

The DCC Fun & Fitness Group meets weekly for approximately one and a half hours to provide a safe and manageable exercise for older adults.

Numbers average 14 - 16 people who enjoy their workout and the challenge of learning line and circle dance steps as they go. Classes begin with a warm up routine, move on to conditioning, stretching and dancing and conclude with cool down and directed meditation.

Our aim is to keep minds alert, joints and muscles flexible and improve circulation and well being. We also aim to provide a friendly and welcoming introduction to our church and our faith in God.

Class members support each other in celebration of family joys and in times of sadness and distress. These classes occur weekly throughout the year, although it is best to confirm with the church office during holiday periods.

Golf Group

Director: Bob Pfeifer

A small number of golfers play each week on Tuesday mornings. This group provides an opportunity for friends and other contacts to build relationships with members from our Church.

We usually play at the Freeway golf course, but occasionally we play other courses.

This year we have introduced monthly competitions with the prize trophy keenly contested. New golfers of all standards are welcome to join.